Why Iran and Italy are collapsing, China is recovering

By Fathorrahman Fadli
(Executive Director of Indonesia Development Research / IDR and Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Pamulang)

WHY are the countries that are at the heart of world-class spirituality of Iran and Italy actually paralyzed in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic? That thought seemed to wake me up early in the morning, at exactly 2:50 a.m. WIB Rome is paralyzed, Iran is the same way. So sad!

Are there holy cities in the two countries full of aesthetics and rich in ethics that are being attacked by anti-God forces? Allah knows best. what is certain is that the facts show that the two countries now suffer from physical and spiritual suffering. They have not been able to find a way out that can save their people back.

But why does God has the heart to let such attacks come to the countries that are most diligent to fight him? Did not Allah himself say. “Come closer or fear me with true piety. later will definitely be given a way out. ”

Alright. It is not a place where we prejudice against God, because the prejudice of a servant is what humanity really hopes for.

Let’s see what was happening in Iran some time before I wrote this article. Some international media reported, the death toll from Covid-19 in Iran reached 5,031 on Saturday 18 April 2020.It was also reported, there were 73 new fatalities in the last 24 hours. Now Iran records deaths of under 100 people per day, since the last five days.

The government noted, the decline in the number of patients who died since April 14, 2020. The number of cases of covid-19 infection alone reached 80,868, with 1,374 new cases over the past 24 hours. A total of 3,515 patients of whom were in the condition of cytitis.

The number of 3,515 people is not a small number for human size. You can imagine, if we are helpless humans we network, surely the scenery will be worse than the unsold boiled fish, then forced to be dried in salted fish. not yet the aroma of medicinal odor and body odor which for days not bathing. That’s just the government version of suffering.

But a report from parliament in Iran said that the number of deaths on the ground could double the government data. While the number of cases of infection can reach 10 times. Adumak, I was horrified !!!

Indeed, since the beginning of Covid-19’s attack on the world, Iran is often rumored to be one of the countries infected with Covid-19, with a high number of patients dying. victims also fell from the group of medical and health personnel, due to the scarcity of personal protective equipment (PPE). As was the case in this country, there were even nurses whose bodies were refused to be buried.

To meet the needs of medical services, Iran also conjured various non-medical buildings for the Covid-19 hospital, including the largest shopping center in Iran.

How about Italy today? According to the data update 40 minutes before I type this, Italy is still the world’s highest record. Italy confirmed 175,972 sufferers, 44,927 were cured and 23,227 died.

The country that is loved by Catholics worldwide is no longer shining. The faces of the cities were gloomy, without strength. Likewise, the buildings with architectural flavors that are luxurious and artistic, all stand stiff. no more exotic life, there. All breaks, like facing the life promised in the Bible, will come a time when the angels blow their trumpets. then the whole earth fell asleep carrying their respective worries. Consider sin or merit.while smart people as class professors, they are no longer arrogant for their knowledge, the scholars also shiver because their mouths are not in accordance with his behavior. Likewise the rulers began to shrink their buttocks. they are afraid of the power they hold has buried the mandate of their people.

In another corner the celebrities were all pale-faced, full of bitterness; also the coldness which chills his beautiful body. they are no longer worshiped because every human being thinks of his own sins.

Rather than being horrified to see the trumpet sound, it’s better to get back to earth. Then we look at a pagan country called the People’s Republic of China.

O Xi Jinping, how are you with your people? Fine, right? May you share your success in overcoming the ferocity of the Covid-19 inhabitants of this earth? You can’t be selfish, Jinping.

I’m interested in the greatness of your officials. None of the officials in your palace were exposed to Covid-19. What’s the secret, Ping? While your strategic partners in Indonesia are also many victims.

What is the secret of important cities in your country like Shanghai and Beijing which are not far from Wuhan, why are you calm, Jinping? Whereas New York, Tehran, Rome, Jakarta, Ecuador, which are hundreds of miles away from Wuhan, all lay limp.

An mportant question gor you, O communist leader, why does your country recover fastly while other nations are still lying weak? Is there an answer that you can give so that we all citizens of the world can receive with the correct rational reasoning. ***

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