“Wakaf Al-Qur’an Movement” by Group 6 of UNIKU’s Community Service Program Empowers Religious Literacy in Cinyasag Village

UNIKU Students donated 100 Qur’ans to local mosques across seven hamlets and the main mosque in Cinyasag, 9 August, 2023.

JABARTODAY.COM – CIAMIS. Group 6 of the Community Service Program (Kuliah Kerja Nyata or KKN) from Universitas Kuningan (UNIKU) has launched the “Wakaf Al-Qur’an Movement” in Cinyasag Village as part of their “Cinyasag Reads” campaign. With the aim of providing a positive push to enhance religious literacy, this movement responds to the pressing need to strengthen religious values in today’s era.

Cinyasag Village already has a monthly community Quran recitation program that brings together all local residents. Aligned with this objective, Group 6 of UNIKU’s KKN initiated the “Wakaf Al-Qur’an” program. This initiative officially took place on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, with the allocation of 100 Qur’ans distributed to each mosque in the seven hamlets and the main mosque in Cinyasag. Additionally, the group also donated copies of Juz’ Amma and Iqro to the Qoamul Huda Madrasah in Puhun Hamlet.

The response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, including from the Imam of At Taqwa Mosque in Cinyasag Village, who expressed, “Alhamdulillah, with the Wakaf Al-Qur’an program, may your activities as students engaged in KKN proceed smoothly, and may you continue to enjoy good health to engage in positive actions. May this become your perpetual charity as well.”

Frishel, who is the responsible individual for the wakaf program, shared his delight, “I am truly pleased that the wakaf program has been well-received, and I hope it will be well-utilized by the residents of Cinyasag Village.”

Through the “Wakaf Al-Qur’an Movement,” Group 6 of UNIKU’s KKN has made a meaningful contribution to enhancing religious literacy and bringing positive impact to the community of Cinyasag Village. Initiatives like this are expected to continue inspiring positive actions among students and the community at large. (Noval)

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