Universitas Kuningan Hosts In-House Training on AI in Academic Writing

Dr. Fahrus Zaman Fadhly, M.Pd. highlighted the critical need for preserving the human element in academic endeavors, ensuring that the end results reflect genuine human insight and comprehension, even while utilizing AI technologies for support.

Jabartoday.com-Kuningan, November 7, 2023 – The Department of English Education at the Faculty of Teachers Training and Education, Universitas Kuningan, conducted an In-House Training (IHT) session focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in academic writing. Held in the Microteaching Room on Tuesday, the event saw the participation of lecturers from the Department of English Education and the Mathematics Department.

Dr. Fahrus Zaman Fadhly, M.Pd., an academic writing expert, led the session, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach to AI in academic contexts. According to Dr. Fadhly, while AI offers significant advantages in research efficiency and writing quality, it is crucial to use it wisely to avoid pitfalls like over-dependence and potential biases.

The training highlighted several benefits of AI in academia, including its ability to process and summarize large data sets swiftly, thereby aiding in efficient literature reviews. AI tools, such as grammar checkers and style editors, were noted for their role in enhancing the clarity and overall quality of academic writing. Furthermore, the session pointed out AI’s capability in plagiarism detection and data analysis, making it a valuable asset for researchers.

However, Dr. Fadhly cautioned against the over-reliance on AI, warning that it might hinder the development of critical thinking and writing skills. He highlighted concerns regarding AI-generated content potentially lacking depth, the ethical implications of using AI in writing, and the risk of AI tools perpetuating biases. Another critical point of discussion was the limited understanding AI might have of the context of specific academic disciplines, which could lead to inaccuracies.

Dr. Fadhly emphasized the importance of maintaining a “human touch” in academic work, ensuring that the final output resonates with human insight and understanding, despite the support of AI technologies.

The IHT session is part of Universitas Kuningan’s ongoing efforts to equip its faculty with the latest educational tools and methodologies, ensuring that they stay at the forefront of academic excellence and innovation. (vin)

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