Renovation of Lingkar Timur Road for Landslide Prevention

Ongoing Renovation of Lingkar Timur Road: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency – Traffic rerouted through alternate routes as crucial landslide prevention work progresses, targeting completion by year-end for smoother travels between Kuningan and Cirebon. Currently undergoing renovation, the Lingkar Timur Road stretching from Simpang Sindangbarang to Sindang Garangtengah has caused traffic to be rerouted through Karamangu and Padamenak.

This 7.24 KM road, which began construction in 2020 and was opened in 2022, has become a popular alternative for travelers commuting between Kuningan and Cirebon. This route offers a time-efficient and traffic-free journey for those traveling to and from Kuningan.

Renovations on the Lingkar Timur Road commenced in October, with a completion goal set for the end of the year. Once finished, the road will reopen. A critical part of this project is the 600-meter cliff strip work conducted in Ciniru, Garatengah, and Jepara, aimed at preventing landslides and ensuring safer travel.

Abuy Godek expressed optimism that the cliff stripping construction would conclude swiftly within the month, facilitating smoother travel for visitors and locals returning to their villages before the New Year.

Abuy Godek stated, “We are hopeful that the development will be completed soon as it is scheduled to be finished in December. If it’s not done by then, the work will carry on until it is fully completed.” (Dani)

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