Prof. Ganjar Kurnia Advocates Selecting Leaders Based on Islamic and Nationalistic Criteria

Prof. Ganjar Kurnia advocates selecting leaders based on Islamic and nationalistic criteria, highlighting the importance of character and commitment in fulfilling Indonesia’s aspirations and addressing challenges

JABARTODAY.COM – BANDUNG. In a gathering organized by the Alumni of Islamic University Students Association of Padjadjaran (HMI Unpad) in Bandung (10/8/2023), Ganjar Kurnia, a Professor at the University of Padjadjaran, delivered important messages regarding the selection of leaders based on Islamic and nationalistic criteria. In his speech, Prof. Ganjar emphasized the importance of choosing leaders with the right character and commitment as an effort to realize Indonesia’s aspirations for independence and to address the nation’s challenges.

One of the points underscored by Prof. Ganjar is the significance of leaders having a strong foundation in faith, prioritizing Islamic principles in various aspects of life, including belief, worship, transactions, and morals. Furthermore, leaders are expected to uphold values of justice, refrain from engaging in corrupt practices, and take a firm stance against human rights violations and intolerance.

“We must not only consider political or economic aspects, but also the Islamic dimension, which is a crucial pillar in selecting leaders. A grave sin of humanity is to choose the wrong leader, and the cast vote will bear witness in the hereafter,” said Prof. Ganjar.

Prof. Ganjar also highlighted the importance of leaders being committed to democracy and the rule of law. He stressed that a good leader should respect democratic principles and uphold the law in governing. Moreover, leaders possessing diplomatic skills and a strong track record will be capable of fostering good relations with other nations and safeguarding the nation’s image.

On the same occasion, alumni figure of HMI Sujana Sulaeman, who initiated the gathering, expressed his hope that the younger generation can become discerning and critical voters when selecting future leaders. “Choosing leaders is our collective responsibility, and we must make wise choices for the betterment of the nation and the country,” he stated.

The silaturrahmi gathering was attended by Professors, Doctors, Scholars, and the Extended Family of HMI Unpad. This well-guided discussion led to a deeper understanding of the Islamic and nationalistic criteria for selecting leaders. (Fahrus Zaman Fadhly)

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