Muhammad Arief Rosyid to Resign from BSI Commissioner Role Following Appointment as Young Voters Commander for Prabowo-Gibran’s Campaign

Muhammad Arief Rosyid, November 6 — The National Campaign Team (TKN) of Prabowo-Gibran has announced the composition of its campaign team during a press conference at the Grand Hotel Kemang, South Jakarta. On this occasion, TKN Secretary Nusron Wahid read the name of Muhammad Arief Rosyid Hasan, who has been entrusted with the role of Commander of Young Voters.

After the announcement in Jakarta, Arief Rosyid, who is also the General Chairman of PB HMI from 2013 to 2015, confirmed his appointment and stated that he would be submitting his resignation from PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk.

“I have sought permission from the Chairman of the BSI Commissioners, Mr. Muliaman Haddad, and the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Mr. Erick Thohir. In our communication, I expressed that this resignation is a commitment to uphold the dignity of BSI as one of the banking institutions owned by the State-Owned Enterprises, relied upon by the Indonesian nation and the Islamic community,” said Arief.

Arief also expressed gratitude to the commissioners and directors of BSI for the synergy built over the past three years.

“I am proud to have contributed through an institution crucial for the development of Sharia economics in Indonesia. An institution appointed by the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir to make our nation count globally in the field of Sharia finance. Thank you to all commissioners, directors, and the entire BSI family,” he concluded.

ARH, as he is known, was recorded as the Deputy Director of the Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin TKN Millennial in the 2019 presidential election and is active as a youth activist in various segments, from mosques/pesantrens, to Islamic economics and finance.

“The voice of the youth is the majority voice in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election. The most important thing is how we, the younger generation, truly present ourselves as the representation of our generation so that youth are not just objects or commodities. Instead, youth should sit together as subjects of public policy to extend benefits to other young people,” concluded Arief Rosyid Hasan. (ruz)

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