Memorable Gathering and Farewell for Achmad Ubaedillah at the KAHMI National Assembly

This unique event, organized by the International Relations Division of the KAHMI National Assembly, was a heartfelt tribute to Achmad Ubaedillah’s dedicated service as a diplomat and his upcoming diplomatic mission in Brunei Darussalam. [photo dwiki setiyawan]
JABARTODAY.COM-JAKARTA. In a heartwarming event filled with gratitude and fond memories, the KAHMI National Assembly gathered to bid farewell to Achmad Ubaedillah, The Indonesian Ambassador for Brunei Darussalam. This esteemed gathering, held on [Date], was a testament to Ubaedillah’s invaluable contributions as an ambassador and a celebration of his accomplishments during his tenure.

Achmad Ubaedillah, who has served as The Indonesian Ambassador for Brunei Darussalam, leaves behind a legacy of diplomacy, dedication, and commitment. In his role as the representative of Indonesia to Brunei Darussalam, he played a pivotal role in strengthening bilateral relations, fostering cultural exchanges, and enhancing cooperation between the two nations.

The gathering was attended by colleagues, friends, and well-wishers who came together to express their admiration for Ubaedillah’s exceptional diplomatic service. The atmosphere was one of both nostalgia and excitement for his new role as the Indonesian Ambassador. Attendees shared heartfelt stories, reminiscing about the moments they shared and the impact Ubaedillah had on their lives.

Tantan Taufiq Lubis expressed his appreciation for Ubaedillah’s remarkable contributions to ummah and has been a source of inspiration for young generation. [Photo: Ruslan “Ochan” Sangaji}
During the event, Tantan Taufiq Lubis, Head of the International Relations Division of the KAHMI National Assembly,  expressed his appreciation for Ubaedillah’s remarkable contributions. “Bang Ubaedillah has served as a bridge of friendship and collaboration between Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam. His tireless efforts have strengthened the bond between our nations and cultures. We will miss his diplomatic expertise and dedication.”

Ubaedillah, in his farewell speech, expressed gratitude for the support and camaraderie he experienced during his diplomatic mission. “My journey as The Indonesian Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam has been incredibly fulfilling. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to represent my country and work towards enhancing our relations.”

The gathering was also an occasion to welcome new beginnings and honor Ubaedillah’s transition to a new chapter in his diplomatic career. While he may be leaving his role as The Indonesian Ambassador for Brunei Darussalam, his impact and legacy will continue to inspire those who follow in his footsteps.

As the event concluded, attendees exchanged warm wishes and promises to stay connected. Ubaedillah’s departure from his diplomatic post marks the end of an era in his ambassadorial service, but it also signals the start of a new phase filled with further diplomatic achievements.

The KAHMI National Assembly extends its heartfelt gratitude to Achmad Ubaedillah for his outstanding diplomatic service and wishes him continued success in his future diplomatic endeavors. (Fahrus Zaman Fadhly)

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