Manies Volunteers Organize ‘Women in Poetry’ Event in Jakarta

Empowering Women Through Poetry: Manies Volunteers Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Special Event in Jakarta, On Thursday evening, December 21st, the Mak-Mak AnieS (MANIES) volunteers organized a ‘Women in Poetry’ event and an auction of paintings by renowned Indonesian artists. This poetry performance was held to commemorate Mother’s Day, which falls on December 22nd, 2023.

Founder and Patron of Manies volunteers, Ir. Hanifah Husein, explained that the event aimed to remind Indonesian women of their strategic role in various aspects of life. “Women are the main pillars in building a strong foundation for the growth and sustainability of many people’s lives,” emphasized Hanifah Husein, who is also the Spokesperson for the National Team AMIN, during the event.

Hanifah Husein, a Guiding Force for Women’s Empowerment at Manies Volunteers’ ‘Women in Poetry’ Event

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the event, Ir. Farida Islahiyah, stated that the ‘Women in Poetry for the Nation’ performance also included a ‘Painting Auction for Palestine.’ “Part of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to help the suffering people of Palestine,” Farida explained emotionally.

The paintings auctioned included works by world-class artists such as Affandi, Hendra Gunawan, Le Man Fong (Singapore), Le Mayeur (Belgium), and other renowned painters.

The event featured poetry readings by influential Indonesian women, including Mrs. Fery Farhati and Mrs. Rustini Muhaimin. In addition to the wives of the AMIN presidential candidates, other prominent women such as Mrs. Ida Fauziyah, Mrs. Neti Prasetiani, and Mrs. Eva Kusuma Sundari also performed poetry readings.

Held at the Patiunus Hallf, Dining and Functions in South Jakarta, the event was lively and attended by at least 500 guests from various national figures and women representatives from different organizations. (ruz)

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