Kedai Erlinda’s Seblak: A Culinary Hit Among Girls Before establishing “Kedai Erlinda,” Mrs. Linda was a vendor in Bandung, selling spring rolls with kwetiaw. However, when she relocated to Kuningan, she found that her original offerings weren’t as popular. In 2018, Mrs. Linda decided to switch to selling seblak, starting modestly with a simple cart and serving her dishes in plastic cups. To her delight, the seblak garnered a significant following.

Fueled by her dream to own a stall named after her daughter, Erlinda, Mrs. Linda’s aspiration eventually became a reality. Now, Kedai Erlinda is not only a stall but a beloved spot where customers can enjoy their meals on-site.

Kedai Erlinda’s Culinary Delight: Discover the Taste of Seblak at Linggarjati, Kuningan – A local favorite among girls, offering customizable, mouth-watering flavors at affordable prices.

Kedai Erlinda has gained a reputation for its delicious seblak, particularly popular among its female clientele. Patrons appreciate the ability to customize their seblak with various toppings. Besides seblak, the stall also offers kwetiaw, assorted beverages, and fried snacks, with prices starting as low as Rp. 10,000.

One of the customers, Tika, praises the stall, saying, “The seblak here is perfect to my taste, flavorful but not too spicy, and the prices are reasonable.”

Located in Linggarjati, Kuningan, Kedai Erlinda has also established a presence online, where interested visitors can learn more about it on their Instagram page @kedaierlinda_. (Kharisma Tri Fajarwati)

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