Inaugural Campaign: Balad Mang Aceng Holds Joint Prayer and Quran Khatam”

Inaugural Campaign: Balad Mang Aceng Commences Election Campaign with Quran Khatam and Joint Prayer On Tuesday (28/11/2023), marks the first day of the campaign for all participants in the upcoming election contest on February 14, 2024.

As known, the General Election Commission (KPU) has initiated the campaign period for the 2024 election from November 28 to February 10, 2024. On the first day of this campaign, Regional Legislative Candidates 5 (Plered, Tegalwaru, Maniis) from the United Development Party (PPP) Number 3 candidate, Aceng Nurul Alam, SE, commonly known as Mang Aceng, held a Quran Khatam ceremony and joint prayer at the Balad Mang Aceng Campaign Secretariat, located at Gang Makam Mama Sempur, Plered, Purwakarta.

This event was not only a campaign kickoff but also a collaboration with Madrosatul Huffadz Nurul Quran Islamic Boarding School in Sempur, led by KH. Mufakhir, involving dozens of Islamic students. Additionally, several Balad Mang Aceng volunteers from various communities were present at the event.

In his address, Aceng Nurul Alam stated, “This event marks the beginning of our campaign, and my intention to run for the regional legislative council (DPRD) in Purwakarta is driven not solely by political motives but also by the desire to serve and worship. Therefore, it is essential that our good intentions are accompanied by good deeds, so that every step and action in the future can proceed smoothly and receive blessings from Allah SWT.”

Similarly, the leader of MH Nurul Qur’an Islamic Boarding School expressed gratitude and offered prayers, saying, “We thank you and pray that Aceng Nurul Alam will be successful and represent Dapil 5. Our hope is that if elected as a member of the Purwakarta Regional Legislative Council, he will be able to represent the aspirations of the community, especially the Islamic boarding schools.” (ruz)

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