Bandung City Police held the “Lomba Da’i Cilik Kamtibmas” competition to celebrate the Police anniversary.

Bandung City Police Chief, Commissioner Pol Kusworo Wibowo, poses for a photo with participants of the Young Preacher Competition on Public Safety and Order 2023 (photo: saifal).

JABARTODAY.COM, BANDUNG – To celebrate the anniversary of Bhayangkara Day, the Bandung City Police held a competition for young preachers on the topic of public safety and order (Kamtibmas).

The competition, known as the “Lomba Da’i Cilik Kamtibmas” (Young Preacher Competition on Public Safety and Order), was organized by the Bandung City Police Station (Polresta Bandung) as part of their commemoration of Bhayangkara Day.

The event aimed to provide a platform for young participants to showcase their preaching skills while promoting the importance of maintaining public safety and order in society.

The competition showcased the talents of young preachers in delivering impactful messages related to crime prevention, community engagement, and fostering a sense of security within the community.

Through this event, the Bandung City Police aimed to engage with the younger generation and raise awareness about the significance of maintaining a safe and orderly society.

The “Lomba Da’i Cilik Kamtibmas” reflects the commitment of the Bandung City Police to actively involve the community, including young individuals, in efforts to promote public safety and order. [Syaifal]

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