Forum Penulis Akademik Hosts Workshop on Crafting Journal Articles for Academic Excellence

“Empowering Academics: Workshop Enhances Skills for Publishing in Prestigious Journals” – Kuningan, November 14, 2023 – Forum Penulis Akademik recently organized a workshop titled “Crafting Journal Articles,” aimed at equipping academics with the skills required to produce articles suitable for publication in prestigious international journals, including those indexed in Scopus and the Web of Science (WoS). The event was held at the Microteaching facility within the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training (FKIP) at the University of Kuningan on Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

Ida Hamidah, Chair of the Forum Penulis Akademik, expressed her appreciation for the workshop, stating, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the facilitator, Fahrus Zaman Fadhly, for generously sharing expertise and experiences related to the creation of high-quality journal articles.”

The workshop attracted participation from lecturers representing various academic disciplines, all eager to enhance their skills in crafting journal articles. Fahrus Zaman Fadhly, the workshop’s expert speaker, provided practical insights and guidance on strategies for crafting articles that meet the rigorous standards of distinguished journals. Participants also gained valuable insights into the importance of selecting the most appropriate journal, efficiently managing references, and adhering to the correct academic writing style.

Marwito, one of the workshop participants, commented, “This academic gathering has proven immensely beneficial for both lecturers and researchers, honing their writing skills to effectively address the challenges encountered in their professional pursuits.”

Ida Hamidah expressed her hope that workshops of this nature would be conducted more frequently, fostering continuous improvements in the quality of journal article writing among researchers and lecturers at the University of Kuningan. She emphasized, “We envision this workshop as the initial step in advancing support for top-tier research and further elevating the academic standing of our university.”

Through workshops like this, it is anticipated that lecturers at the University of Kuningan will be better prepared and more proficient in competing on the global research stage by successfully publishing top-tier articles in renowned international journals. (andriyana)

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