Establishment of 27 Election Violation Complaint Centers by THN AMIN in West Java to Safeguard 2024 Presidential Election Integrity”

The National Legal Team (THN) for AMIN in West Java strengthens election integrity in West Java for the 2024 Presidential Election, inaugurating 27 complaint centers to counter electoral fraud and ensure a fair and transparent voting process, January 14, 2024 – The National Legal Team (THN) for AMIN in West Java conducted a consolidation and declaration for the establishment of election violation complaint centers across 27 cities and regencies in West Java. The event, attended by hundreds of advocates and lawyers from West Java who are members of the National Legal Team (THN) for AMIN, aimed to consolidate legal professionals for overseeing the implementation of the 2024 Presidential Election. This initiative ensures that the election proceeds without fraud or violations, particularly those that could disadvantage Candidate Number 1, AMIN, in West Java. The event also aimed to boost optimism among all supporting parties, volunteers, and sympathizers to secure a victory for AMIN in West Java, which has the largest number of eligible voters, approximately 35,714,901 voters.

The declaration was made by the Chair of the National Legal Team (THN) for AMIN for cities and regencies in West Java, Unggul Cahyaka, SH, during an event attended by advocates and lawyers from various cities and regencies in West Java, such as Cirebon, Bekasi, Garut, Cianjur, Sukabumi, and others. Members of the Central THN AMIN also attended the event on January 14 at the Ball Room of Gino Feruci Hotel on Kebon Jati Street, Bandung City.

During the event, Unggul Cahyaka, the Chair of THN AMIN in West Java, stated in his speech, “We will carry out advocacy, assistance, and education for all coalition parties, volunteers, witnesses, and the wider community to anticipate and legally address any form of fraud in this Republic.” Unggul expressed his hope that the 27 complaint centers declared across West Java would provide protection, enlightenment, and legal assistance for the coalition parties, volunteers, and AMIN supporters in the region. He was also optimistic that AMIN’s support would grow following the establishment of these centers.

Representing the central THN AMIN, commonly known as Bang Soleh, who attended on behalf of the general chair, Ari Yusuf Amir, expressed his hopes that the presence of these 27 centers in West Java would bring them closer to the coalition parties, volunteers, and supporters. He encouraged them not to be afraid to voice their support for the AMIN pair and to stand firm against any pressure or tolerance for fraud. “THN AMIN will work professionally to safeguard the legal interests of the Anies Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar pair in the 2024 Presidential Election,” he added.

Similarly, the coordinator of the AMIN Post in Bandung City, Frandes Iko Pratama, a senior advocate in the Bandung area, expressed gratitude for the successful organization of the event. He saw it as a new inspiration to collaborate with all parties, especially in providing legal enlightenment and assistance for AMIN’s victory in West Java. He believed that the AMIN pair would win in the region. (ruz)

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