The English Education Department at Universitas Kuningan Conducts Essential In-House Training Focused on Writing Community Service Grants

Dr. Endang encouraged her colleagues, especially those in the English Language Education Study Program at the FKIP of Universitas Kuningan, to actively engage in applying for these PKM grants., November 7, 2023 – The Department of English Education, Faculty of Teachers Training and Education (FKIP) at Universitas Kuningan, held a vital In-House Training (IHT) session on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. The focus of the event was on mastering the process of writing proposals for Community Service Grants (PKM). This significant training session took place in the Microteaching Room and drew the participation of various faculty members.

The IHT was expertly conducted by Dr. Endang Darsih, M.Pd., a renowned specialist in grant writing with a commendable record of acquiring PKM grants for two consecutive years. Her expertise and firsthand experiences offered invaluable insights into the intricacies of the grant application process.

The training covered comprehensive topics, starting with the general principles of crafting PKM proposals. Dr. Endang provided an in-depth analysis of the proposal contents, including methodologies for effectively monitoring and evaluating community service programs, as well as the critical steps involved in preparing transparent and accountable reports.

A pivotal part of the session was dedicated to sharing practical tips and methods for developing proposals that meet the specific criteria and standards set by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture’s Research and Technology division. Emphasizing the need for alignment with the ministry’s guidelines, Dr. Endang highlighted the substantial opportunities available in obtaining PKM grants.

Dr. Endang also motivated her colleagues, particularly those within the English Language Education Study Program at FKIP Universitas Kuningan, to actively pursue these PKM grants. This encouragement aimed at leveraging the faculty’s expertise for impactful community development and engagement.

The event underscored Universitas Kuningan’s commitment to enhancing its faculty’s skills in grant writing, thereby contributing to community service and academic innovation. (ruz)

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