Complaints Arise in Cileuleuy Village Over Social Aid Distribution System

Addressing Social Aid Discrepancies: Cileuleuy Village Responds to Residents’ Concerns Over Inequitable Bansos Distribution Amidst Economic Challenges. Disparities in the allocation and selection of beneficiaries for government social assistance programs, known as “Bansos“, continue to be a concern in various areas, particularly in rural regions. This issue is evident in Cileuleuy Village, Cigugur-Kuningan Subdistrict, where deserving individuals are often overlooked or not included in the list of assistance recipients.

The issue has been prevalent since the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, which severely affected the local economy. A resident of Cileuleuy Village, Mrs. Nani, expressed her concerns, noting the absence of any village officials visiting her home to assess eligibility for government aid.

“I’ve only heard about neighbors being summoned to the village office to receive bansos,” she stated. Mrs. Nani also mentioned that while others were requested to submit copies of their Family Cards (KK) and ID cards (KTP) for aid, she wasn’t informed about this process.

The newly appointed Village Head of Cileuleuy, Mr. Sadar, expressed his regret over these occurrences and pledged immediate action. “I was aware of these issues even before I became the village head,” he shared. “My election victory has given me the opportunity to address this problem promptly.”

Mr. Sadar outlined his plan to conduct thorough surveys at each resident’s home for accurate data collection. This task will be carried out with the help of the RT heads from each hamlet to ensure comprehensive coverage of all residents.

He emphasized his commitment, stating, “My goal is for all residents of Cileuleuy Village to lead prosperous lives and receive the benefits they rightfully deserve.” (Rezha Andriansyah)

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