Cinyasag Elementary School Students Publish Poetry Anthology Book Under UNIKU KKN Supervision

Usman Suryadi S.Pd, Kepala SDN 3 Cinyasag, Panawangan, Ciamis

JABARTODAY.COM – CIAMIS. A remarkable literary achievement took place at Cinyasag Elementary School as students proudly published a poetry anthology book. This creative endeavor was made possible under the guidance and supervision of Universitas Kuningan (UNIKU) KKN (Student Community Service) Group. The initiative not only showcases the students’ literary talents but also underscores the power of community collaboration in fostering education and creativity.

The UNIKU KKN Group 6, comprised of dedicated university students, embarked on a mission to empower the students of Cinyasag Elementary School through various educational programs. As part of their engagement, the UNIKU students introduced poetry writing workshops to the young learners, inspiring them to explore the world of words and emotions. The result of this effort is a captivating anthology of poems authored by the elementary school students.

The anthology titled “Whispers of Young Minds: Poetry from Cinyasag” reflects the diverse thoughts, dreams, and experiences of the students. Each poem is a window into the imaginative minds of these budding poets, covering a wide range of themes from nature and friendship to dreams and aspirations. The poems are a testament to the potential that lies within the younger generation and the importance of nurturing their creative expression.

Mr. Usman Suryadi, S.Pd., a dedicated educator at Cinyasag Elementary School, expressed his delight at the students’ achievement. “This poetry anthology is not just a collection of poems; it’s a manifestation of the students’ growth, creativity, and unique perspectives. We are grateful for the guidance provided by the UNIKU KKN Group, which has enriched our students’ learning journey.”

Noval Octaviansyah, the program coordinator of Cinyasag Elementary School Students’ Poetry Anthology Book.

The UNIKU KKN Group 6 believes in the transformative power of education and community engagement. “By providing students with opportunities to explore their creativity, they aim to instill a lifelong love for learning and self-expression. The poetry anthology project exemplifies the positive impact that collaborative efforts between educational institutions and local communities can achieve,” said Noval Octaviansyah, the coordinator of this program.

According to Noval Octaviansyah, the launch of “Whispers of Young Minds: Poetry from Cinyasag” marks a significant milestone not only for the students but also for the larger community. It serves as an inspiration for other educational initiatives that prioritize holistic development and creative exploration among young learners. This literary endeavor, nurtured under the wings of UNIKU KKN, reinforces the idea that education goes beyond textbooks and classrooms—it is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

As the young poets’ words find their way into the hearts of readers, the UNIKU KKN Group’s dedication to fostering education and creativity continues to make a lasting impact. The Cinyasag Elementary School students’ poetry anthology stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, mentorship, and the potential that resides within every young mind. (ruz)

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