Cicerem blue lake, an instagramable selfie spot

Situ Cicerem Kaduela, the blue lake offering interesting selfie spots (Indah)

JABARTODAY.COM- KUNINGAN– Happy travelers, recently Cicerem Blue Lake (Telaga Biru)  presented an interesting and instagramable self-portrait photograph ‘selfie’ spot: the single swing. Well, this spot is a swing hanging over a blue lake which is full of colorful fish. It is located on Kaduela, Pasawahan, Kuningan, West Java  around 24 kilometers from the central city and  8 kilometers from the Grage Sangkan hotel, the nearest and famous hotel in the city. Blue Lake tourism is open for public and managed by the village-owned company headed by Mr. Iim Ibrahim.

The village-owned company creates job opportunities for youths (Yasmine)

Cicerem Blue Lake was closely related to the history of the origin of Kaduela Village. At that time, there was a religious leader from Kasepuhan Cirebon who intended to spread out Islam in the village. He held a meeting with the residents in the lake which was still a small spring, but now it is bigger and called as “Telaga Biru”  since the water is blue seen from the distance.

“Telaga Biru was first opened in 2015, but at that time it was well-known as a campground. But, by the time the campground became a parking area for Telaga Biru visitors. It’s called Telaga Biru because the water is blue,” said Sarah, the secretary of the village-owned company at Kaduela village.

Visitors seeing fascinating colorful fishes (indah)

The nature-based tourism site has now many facilities and interesting selfie spots and Instagramable photos, i.e.: gazebo, mushola (little mosque), rowing boats, fiber boats, swimming with fishes and a children’s pool.  Also, other selfie spots such as bird nests, heart-shaped frames, double swings and others. For those who love selfie, you are recommended to visit this beautiful place! 

The newest one is the single swing. It is so special since it can only be sat by one person and located on the corner of the blue lake.  To enjoy gathering fishes under the single swing, you can take photos from another angle.

The professional photographers are ready to serve you to take  other selfie spots.  You just pay 10,000 rupiahs for 5 photos that will be sent via bluetooth. The entrance ticket only 10,000 rupiahs for adults and free for toddlers. In a pandemic situation, Cicerem Blue Lake management applies a fairly strict health protocols: mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing. (Indah & Yasminjob trainees)

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