Challenges for Kuningan City Farmers Due to Limited Chemical Seed Supply

Kuningan Farmers Face Seed Shortage: A struggle for survival as seed scarcity drives up market prices, challenging the traditional agricultural landscape in Kuningan City. Farmers, often considered the backbone of a nation’s sustenance, are crucial for food production. Agriculture, an integral part of human civilization’s evolution, emerged when societies learned to sustain their food needs. This transition to agriculture spurred settlements, influenced belief systems, and led to advancements in various aspects of life, including technology.

In the current age, farmers have embraced technology to enhance crop quality. However, this advancement comes with its challenges. In Kuningan, farmers are grappling with an unstable climate, affecting their resources, particularly seeds. The demand for high-quality produce has increased pressure on farmers, leading to a scarcity of seeds, some of which now need to be imported.

This shortage is impacting the local markets. Uncertainties in production due to seed scarcity have led to price hikes. Shopkeepers, like Parman from Pasar Kepuh Kuningan, who sell products such as chilies, are feeling the strain.

“Before the pandemic, business was stable. Customers frequented our shop, and supplies were consistent. However, the pandemic changed that. We now struggle to maintain stock due to increased demand and competition with supermarkets, leading to a rarefication of seeds,” Parman explains.

He adds that this situation is affecting incomes and raises concerns about potential bankruptcy if prices continue to rise. Parman urges the government to intervene and find a solution to this seed crisis, which continues to drive up prices for essential products. (Bimo)

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