Criminal Records in 2022 Show an Increase in Several Areas in West Java

source: freepik

JABARTODAY.COM-MAJALENGKA. Crime rates in Majalengka Regency in 2022 increased by 58% compared to 2021, with the number of cases rising from 282 to 444. The majority of crimes were theft with violence.

Majalengka Police Chief, Commissioner Edwin Affandi, revealed that out of the 444 cases, 91% have been resolved, with the files being forwarded to the prosecutor’s office and having final legal decisions from the district court.

“Cases of theft with violence dominate or rank highest, followed by motor vehicle theft, assault, fraud, and crimes against children,” said Edwin as quoted by on Tuesday (3/1/2023).

Traffic accidents in 2022 also increased from 284 cases (in 2021) to 400 cases.

The causes of accidents were predominantly driver negligence, such as falling asleep while driving, speeding, and lack of concentration. Edwin added that to reduce crime rates, they urge residents to form or activate neighborhood watch programs.

“One of them is through neighborhood watch (siskamling). They can also assign security guards in their respective areas,” he said.

As for the reasons behind the increase in crime rates, Edwin is not yet certain.

“Is it due to poverty and lack of other employment? Are the perpetrators mostly residents of Majalengka or not? Also, are the age groups of the criminals working-age or children? We don’t know the details yet,” he said.

Apart from Majalengka, there has also been an increase in crime rates in Kuningan Regency, with a 17.4% rise compared to the previous year. The number of criminal cases in 2022 reached 227 cases, while in 2021 it was 230 cases.

Kuningan Police Chief, Commissioner Dhany Aryanda, stated that in 2022, 203 cases (73.28%) were resolved. There were four prominent cases in 2022, namely the discovery of a dead body in a boarding house, misuse of subsidized diesel fuel, misuse of subsidized gas fuel, and cases of violence against minors.

In the jurisdiction of Sukabumi City Police, crime rates tend to decrease. The number of cases in 2021 decreased compared to 2020, which had 1,116 cases. Burglary, sexual offenses, and drug trafficking still dominate.

Throughout 2022, Sukabumi City Police resolved 754 out of 1,049 criminal cases. Sukabumi Kota Police Chief, Commissioner Sy Zainal Abidin, explained that out of the total 1,049 cases handled, there were approximately 1,500 suspects.

“However, when compared to 2021, the number of burglary cases tends to decrease by 33% with 213 cases. In 2021, there were 231 cases,” said the Police Chief. (ruz)

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