Breaking News: University of Kuningan Lecturers Transforming Communities through Education and Environmental Initiatives

Real Transformation in Kalimanggiskulon: UNIKU Lecturers Actively Involved in Creating a Village of Literacy and Sustainable Environment (Endang Darsih)

JABARTODAY.COM – KUNINGAN. In an exemplary demonstration of their commitment to the core principles of higher education, the faculty members of the University of Kuningan (UNIKU) have embarked on a transformative mission in the rural community of Kalimanggiskulon. This dedicated team, consisting of Dr. Endang Darsih, M.Pd., Dr. Agie Hanggara, M.Pd., and Nida Amalia Asikin, M.Pd., is diligently working to fulfill the essential responsibilities of academia, often referred to as the “Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi.”

The Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi encompasses three fundamental obligations for university lecturers: teaching, research, and community service. This year, in addition to their teaching and research duties, the UNIKU faculty members have taken a bold step by engaging in community service, aimed at fostering positive change in the Kalimanggiskulon village.

Transforming Kalimanggiskulon into a Village of Literacy and Sustainability

Under the leadership of Dr. Endang, the team’s primary focus is on nurturing the Hipapelnis Reading Garden (Taman Bacaan Hipapelnis) and empowering the local youth through the Karang Taruna youth organization. Their efforts to rejuvenate the Hipapelnis Reading Garden involve actively participating in reading programs for children, celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day, and providing direct support for the purchase of reading materials and essential equipment for the garden.

Simultaneously, the formation of a Waste Bank (Bank Sampah) has been initiated to empower the Karang Taruna youth group and address household waste management issues. To ensure the success of the Waste Bank, the team organized a socialization event and official inauguration attended by UNIKU representatives, the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM), other university lecturers, and representatives from the Kuningan Regional Police (POLRES Kuningan). A starting balance for the Waste Bank was provided to facilitate the implementation of its operational mechanisms.

Expressing gratitude for the support received, Dr. Endang shared, “Alhamdulillah, this year we have been entrusted with a grant from DRTPM Dikti and UNIKU to carry out community service. One of our missions is to nurture the Hipapelnis Reading Garden and establish the Waste Bank. We hope this initiative will reinvigorate the reading culture and provide a sustainable solution to household waste, while also generating economic opportunities for the Karang Taruna and the local community. From Trash to Cash, turning waste into blessings.”

At the Waste Bank’s Socialization and Inauguration Event (Endang Darsih)

Community Support and Praise for the Initiative

The community of Kalimanggiskulon has warmly embraced the UNIKU team’s initiatives, with support from the local government. Wahidi, the Head of Kalimanggiskulon Village, expressed his gratitude and optimism for the positive impact of these programs on waste management in the community. He stated, “We are extremely thankful and, of course, grateful for this program. The Waste Bank is truly a breakthrough in tackling household waste issues, especially in Manis Hamlet of Kalimanggiskulon Village. We hope this can serve as inspiration for other hamlets to implement Waste Banks to reduce household waste.”

The University of Kuningan’s faculty members are setting a remarkable example by actively contributing to education and environmental sustainability in Kalimanggiskulon. Their dedication serves as a testament to the university’s commitment to the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi and its role in empowering communities. The UNIKU team’s efforts are expected to have a lasting positive impact on the local residents and the environment, promoting a brighter and more sustainable future for Kalimanggiskulon. (ruz)

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